People should be more understanding than judgemental. They try to listen your story till the end but comment in their own narrow-minded perspective and judge you just on your mistakes. There is a BIG difference between human being and being human. Just for humanity sake, people should not judge other person on their appearance, gender, caste, or their behaviour.

New things are not dangerous. The woman who is wearing western dresses does not count as a shameless person. Being bold in our society comes under the ‘shameless’ category. Which contradicts the fact that  wearing fully covered clothes merely to protect the body from climatic conditions or skin diseases or infections.

Actually the society itself is a web of hypocrisy. At one end, they worship goddesses like Durga, Kali and many more reincarnations. And on the other end, they believe that the birth of a girl is a curse to the family.Even young teenage boys treat girls of their age as a toy and if they get a chance with a open-minded and bold girl; they feel they got a lottery. They think,” if she can talk about sex and other stuffs, surely she will agree to have intimate relation with me”.

The mindset of the male generation has to be changed.You may think I am talking against the culture. Well you are right because this society needs some bold changes. New world is getting ahead and our nation is lagging behind. It is only for the development of our country.

For the record, I happily support the sex education. And I think there must be a guidance counsellor in every school and college.


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