Addiction to television did not harm me in my childhood.Actually it really took me around the world of various types of information and also brought up my desire to travel and trying out different cuisines.It started out with typical cartoon watching but then it grew to more wider range of mass media. I was sometimes bored with the predictable cartoons so i wandered around other channels like National Geographic or Discovery channel. My admiration towards flora and fauna triggered me to become a biological researcher, to be more close to them.Then more wandering, searching for more topics of interest, i came to Fox Traveller, TLC and NDTV Good times. At that time-till now-I want to travel the world. Food is one of my most important things in my life and if travelling for food is a type of work; i would definitely go for it. With the shows like Eat Street, Getaway or Food Safari , i was a foodie. Because of this passion, i tried many recipes of different courses and desserts got the most of my attention. So i started experimenting with my favourite sweet ingredient- chocolate- and mixing it with other elements according to my instincts. Some were known recipes, and some easy-to-make home recipes.

When i was 12, i began watching english serials to the reference of travel channel in english. It matched my affection to novels and my love story gets modified with Grey’s Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars. Also i craved for mystery and suspense, “Criminal Minds” and “Rizolli and isles” were the best-to-watch TV shows. My aspiration to become a neurosurgeon is credited to the serial “grey’s anatomy”.

Now I am still the same TV addict who watches mystery and suspense based shows and also comedy shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S or How I Met Your Mother. Sometimes i get so engrossed in their stories that i make my life more similar to theirs and try to change into one of their’s character i like. Quality shows like these are now in minute amount as producers think that people need the spicy drama but the truth is we need something productive to watch, something that relaxes our mind and makes us laugh so hard that it hurts in our belly.



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