Person’s maturity does not come at puberty, it actually comes when you enter the competitive world or just The World(’cause there is only one and that is nothing else than competitive).I am at that stage of life where you decide which path will you take to change or mold your life ahead of you.When you forget all what you did or had been done to you and just start afresh. Eventually in a life of a teenager, there’s point where all things take a whiplash and voila! you either love that life or just live it through. And that point, my friends, is where you enter The Eleventh grade or Senior High School!!

I have observed many major differences in my seniors who were in 10th but when they came in 11th, they had a different vibe or even different mindset(either good or bad).So it is true that this grade gives you a reality check on yourself and also your friends. For this you have to be careful at every step, calm at times of disappointment and need for peer and parental support. I do not want to start unceasingly speaking about student guidance counselling. But it is good to be focused ’cause it has more benefits than having different minds i.e being unfocused.

You might be thinking why did I chose this title for my post, it is for achieving your goal at the end of the day(and by day I didn’t mean actual days, I meant ‘the day’ when your efforts and hopes will be rewarded). So one day, one day you will achieve that goal which you have got in mind.And do not think that this applies to only studies, it also applies to the goals in your life.I, myself, have known that when you don’t give your 100% or just take it for granted, you will not achieve your goal or will surely make a mistake somehow. But if you are focused then you will learn from the mistakes you have made and improve in your study or anywhere in life. Some facts are universal truths and applies to all categories.You just have to play them out correctly.

They say in marketing, that you will get one-third of what you did surely and by all means. So its your choice either read this like you regularly read( thinking it is a boring post) or just take 5 minutes of your happening life and read seriously ’cause no one writes this much for nothing. Everything is worth its time if you take it seriously.


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