Late night,when you can’t close your eyes and sleep well enough, you think about how your life had been changed than before and how it is now and how you want it to be in future. At that time, you will know that you are mature enough to be knowing that YOU ARE LIVING A LIFE, NOT YOUR LIFE BUT A LIFE.You might be thinking why a 16-year-old is so concerned about her life????…Well! It clearly seems that I have realized how important and precious this time and life is, not because of any typical reasons like bad grades, fights with anyone or a break-up( most common yet most stupid). It is because I have lots of time to spend as “my quiet time” or “me time” rather than drooling  over social sites. The time when anyone says to you that you are rude or insensitive, please don’t try  to even think about changing yourself. It might be due to the realization of how stupid or childish other people are.And this advice applies to those who don’t have an attitude or didn’t get words to hear as arrogant,full of oneself, egoistic, self-important….you know the drift.

When you think about life, the question comes – What is life? Breathing,eating,sleeping, being healthy,getting ahead in the individual track or making money out of your job. But in order to achieve these things or goals in life, your miraculous god-gift/science made BRAIN comes in the view. It is the power holder of the whole body. But only some disadvantages of it yet many advantages. Our mind only remembers what we know till a certain point. No matter how much that memory is gleeful or terrible, memories stay forever.We try to forget the bad ones but they are not erased from our  minds, we just now know how to live with them.Nowadays simple living does not come in handy. People change and we ,the newbies, will have a drastic comprehension blow. Then you will know that doing your things and eating and breathing is not the only things you gotta do in your life. Now all you can have to think is how to get ahead int the race of success. Your mind grasps all the information around you but cannot categorize it quite nicely into pros and cons.Some bad influences are hidden under licorice layer of pseudo-good feelings. But to go over that bridge you have to prepare yourself very precisely and smartly. Perfection is the sum total of many little things set right.

At the end,  I would like to recommend a few pointers:

  1. Don’t let others tell you that you or your ideas are wrong.
  2. Follow your heart(only and only your heart)
  3. Focus on the good and eliminate the bad as soon as possible
  4. Live life carefully not carelessly and of course, happily
  5. Be alive 😉 😛










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