It is so difficult to choose from two similar things( both your favs) but at the end of the day you can’t have both so you have to choose one of them.Choice is of different kinds and degrees.Actually your whole life depends and revolves around your choice.As Lord Krishna said to Karan in Mahabharata, “It is all based on your choice/decision, whether your choice is good or bad, it will lead differently both ways”.You have to choose from right or wrong. It doesn’t matter in what context, such as choice of friend circle, choice of personal character/identity or choice of career to lead the rest of your life.Just  think for a minute, what you did  was right or wrong, not good or bad; RIGHT OR WRONG. If you are alone in that doing, you can change or alter it into something righteous or productive.But if you are in a group where that event is not right nor good and cannot be altered. It’s better if you ignore the situation or just don’t get involved in it.Example from the great epic Mahabharata, if Karan had not chosen Duryodhan’s side, and would have done the rightful act, Mahabharata would not have happened. Just like this, in life if you take the wrong decision to the road to success, you will always find consequences sooner or later, no matter how high you feel about yourself, if you have made the wrong CHOICE, the consequences will haunt you anytime.

So, to sum it all up, CHOOSE WISELY! LIVE HAPPILY !


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