Tired?Bored??…frustrated by office work?? well all you need to feel good is to get out!! Get away to a new place; let it be a new restaurant or a new city or even a country ! Not only will your body try to adapt and love this change, your mind will also clear out and have fun. Just like hygiene for the external body parts is essential, your mind too needs some garbage management.People hold grudges, or try to hold onto old broken relationships and this, medically harm you. For this you need to LET GO AND GET OUT !!

Let it be getting out of a conversation or a relation or a place that bores you. We humans are the most advanced creations of nature. We have that one thing other organisms don’t, SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS. So why don’t we use that !?? We know what troubles us, we know what will make us happy and we know HOW TO ACHIEVE THAT HAPPINESS, let’s get to it then.

The more you travel, the more you are exposed to new people, new things and your mind adapt to these changes and choose the one it most liked. You might ask, this means taking risks and explore every single thing. Well, its true but when you are balanced physically, mentally and financially so that you don’t worry about anything during your travel.You can also travel other countries by making pen pals or Facebook friends which are somewhat similar to you. It is another way of clearing out your mind.

In my experience, going to Japan alone was not easy on the first try, I had to initiate conversations with the other students from other parts of India, also try with Japanese people too. Of course there will be some difficulty in language skills but soon you will know much about another culture and be connected with a country. If you are like an introvert like me, you have to gather courage and go up to people or they would just go with the other person being friendly. When it’s about making new friends, don’t think the other person “wants” to be friends with you, make the first conversation more initiative from your side so that he/she is interested being friends with you and now they will want to know more about YOU. Not only being out of country, when I traveled some states in India, I got to know more about that place rather know its general information(name, capital, staple food).

Now not to bore you more with my travel diary, at last I want to say is that whenever you are lost in your life, you should get out and don’t stop until you find yourself!!


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