This is the moment where you remind yourself of what you did all this past year and what it made you into. All kind of memories come by your mind, let it be good, happy, bad, depressing or confusing ( hahahaha all can agree to that). This is the moment you will also know what your mistakes were and what you regret about. But only some of us want to live ahead of those regrets rather reminiscing about them again and again.

BUT this moment, this last moment of your life !…in this year will be precious as you know time will not give you another chance to seek the happiness you will get from ALL these past memories.

Few moments later, there’ll be something NEW in you.Or in your surroundings.Or in anything that is connected to your life. Because when you celebrate this spirit of new year with your family and friends near by, you will be grateful and happy for what this year came with. This “newcomer” will get you some new thoughts, new friends, new hobbies, new desires or maybe even a totally new you!! ( you never know what will happen in this new year).

So not taking much of your new time, let’s take this new year happily, hoping that it will be better than this year; better opportunities, better challenges, better mistakes, better achievements, better social relationships.

P.S.- A friendly tip: Close your eyes for 10 seconds before the clock ticks to 12 and after 10 seconds, open them; you will somehow feel happy about this upcoming year.

Happy New year !!


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