Ever thought about being lost?

Lost, in the room packed with people but filled with meaninglessness; in an unrequited love; a love once alive but withered because of betrayal; in a place where you can shout out to all your fears disguised as silence; or in your own utopian  world full of passion and zeal.

To be honest, I got lost between these two-three months, because I seriously had no idea of what I am doing. I was just following orders like a robot. I didn’t get any thoughts to let them out here. But  my head felt like it was out of storage for more information, like I got so much on plate but still nothing  fills up my crave.This is not the “lost” I wanted. What I wished for, was to be engrossed in my passion and live through my life with that lovable work. i wished for being lost in thoughts of someone, lost in the nature and lost in the happiness in my brio. I will be much happier to be lost in my own solitude because I cannot choose my “lost” myself, but I can make it.

People are so much engrossed in their paper-thin life, that they have made it themselves like this. They are now so fragile and  into their own egotism-induced bubble, they can’t even be considered as a lost case, because they have not even tried once to find themselves . they have made a so-called pity wall to hide themselves from the truths of world. They don’t listen to the help other people try to give, because they think this help will loan them big time, according to the laws of the bubble. It’s like they have actually lost their consciousness but think they have found their utopian coma.

People are so much insecure that they get mad about not getting love from someone they think they love. It is their own custom-made depressing thoughts that are crowding in their mind and blocking them to create any affection towards other person. This trail goes on, from ones mind to the next person connected to him/her. They should be listening when the other person is trying to get in your life. They should not be judgemental, but have an objective mind at that instant. Judge only when you got all your aspects on that person.

All you have to do is to find the unwanted happiness, because if you only thought about yourself all the time, you’ll be SELFISH and then you will be back into your bubble.

Don’t push your life forcefully, it will be lost AGAIN. Push only when you think it is the last choice.

Make the “lost” you want, you can. I know you will.


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