Hello all my seniors, this is Somya- your rightful junior and soon-to-be part of your school memories and maybe a part of your future also( for this, we need to keep in touch)- coming to you from a known source( heheh…).

You’ve spent so many years at this school, years some say will be the most formative of your lives.

Every disappointment could seem like the end of the world and conversely every victory could be felt like an ascension.

You’re going to be all over the country in a few months at different colleges and this school life will be just be a distant memory, forgotten.

And who cares in college about your small school failures; they don’t know that you failed a test or couldn’t come first in a race or couldn’t  become student of the year. No one would be knowing about your school failures, there in college. So what they want to REALLY know ?? They want to know the ORIGINAL YOU.And all these worse moments (if any) are part of the BIGGER YOU which will make the person who you are today and will be tomorrow.

You are the teller of your own stories.


It’s not just meritocracy. Getting a merit in academic, sports or in extra-curricular activity is a gateway pass to your college, but you are more than this. Your whole personality, your own self will actually result in what kind of life you choose in college.So do not rely on luck or charity.

Be the hero of your own goddamn story because if you’re not , you’ll end up in a sad, pathetic life. Got it??

So, all the best for all your exams of different sorts in life!!

We juniors will utterly miss you all. Hope to see you soon.


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