Do you want everything perfect? Well who does not want everything perfect, complete in their life. Who doesn’t want to achieve their life goals and live to the fullest. But perfection requires lots of efforts; it needs courage to take out your own flaws and flaws in others too and also improving yourself on each and every detail. Perfection is not some instant noodles that you will get in a few minutes.

It does not matter how much tech-friendly or people’s person you are, perfection will only be achieved by your own efforts and time. It’s just the other name of the self-actualization. What I mean by that is, if you know about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs , then on the topmost of the pyramid it has been seen that the need of self-actualization is the most prioritized. So to acquire self-actualization you have to first cover you basic needs which are (according to Maslow): [decreasing order of priority]

  • Self Actualization
  • Esteem
  • Belongingness
  • Safety
  • Biological

Many people cannot achieve it because before that they have to be fully assured about their basic needs. And if the scenario of today’s generation is not altered, then there’ll be no surprise in knowing that they are not even able to achieve their basic needs i.e. biological needs and safety needs.

But we can still try to achieve perfection. There’s no secret ingredient for that. All it needs is motivation and proper attention to yourself. How?

We humans crave for attention, for it is the brain which is doing all things (giving attention to various stimuli, perceiving, thinking and remembering). So motivating oneself is a major lift-up for perfecting oneself. And when the motivational cycle starts up, your need takes drive to its corresponding goal. There you are, all good with your new life, THE PERFECT LIFE you wanted.

They say,” Nobody is perfect. Not you or I”.

It is true though but in my opinion, anyone can have perfection. As I told above, all you have to do is cover your needs and you are having your perfect life.

All the people have different kinds of needs and their own way to achieve them. Therefore, their “perfect’ is also different.

When life is perfect, what do you feel??

Happy? Relieved ? confident in every way?… Right, I mean you must be full of positivity. After all, you have nothing to worry about now. So bottom line, a person can be PERFECT in their OWN LIFE, in their OWN WAY.


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