Ahhhh… A topic worth debating. It is always controversial as there are two sides which gives out their best facts BUT the old base always wins. You would say that I too am a part of this new generation then why am I not leaning to its rules? You would think of me as a traitor to our own kind(hahahhahaha).

Well I am a part of it but I’m not turning into some hopeless stranger in known world or to say living in a bubble. I have my own opinions about this debatable topic and its my choice to choose which side to go. And this comes to my point of writing this topic.

People are trying hard at getting anything or even anyone. They even try hard to get feelings and in that process they have forgotten the basic principles of living a life. I am not teaching you that. I am just telling you all that this “trying too hard” attitude will never get you anything. 

We live in a self-made virtual reality that we have forgotten the line which behold the definite separation of the real world from the World Wide Web. 

Technology is only a boon if used correctly and efficiently. We are taking the old basic information for granted because the new technology has more glitter to it. 

We are not looking at the big picture or even considering the pros and cons of a new technology . 

 But they always say, ” look on the bright side“, so this new generation is not all bad. 

Our world needs new and innovative ideas coming rapidly from this generation. And I know we should not forget our basics but we cannot take the whole lot (the old data) and use it today. It does have some demerits that will only be debugged by new ideas. So we, the new thinkers should not overlook the old data and just fly off on our own. It has never done good to anyone. 

Bottom line is that, we should not be always indulged in the new technology, rather get in touch with the oldies, tap that box to create new ideas for the world. 


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